Mini Commercial Bay Light

MINI Commercial Bay light / Pendant light

Power : 25W/32W/60W

Light Output : 3000lm/3840/ 7200

CCT :3000k-5700k

Lamp Dia : Φ310*272

Beam Angle : 75°

Warranty : 5Years


1. 3-in-1 Power & CCT Tunable switch provides versatility for different request of lumen output and lighting environment.
2. Optically refined Polycarbonate reflector was used to enhance surrounding lighting and excellent glare control UGR<19, brings Eyes comfort. 3. Enhance local area lighting effects. 4. Ingenious hidden heat dissipation channel for ensuring a stable and long service life of the LEDs. 5. Aluminum housing is designed with soft curve outlines for minimal dust accumulation 6. Efficiency 120lm/w and optionally 160lm/w 7. Compatible but not limited to the following: --Track mount --Dali, 0-10V --Emergency Gear --Sensor and other smart gear