Mini Independent Triproof light

Product code :

Power : 20W/40W/50W

Lumen Output :2200lm/4400lm/5500lm

CCT :3000k-5700k

Lamp Dia : 580*65*51/1180*65*51/1480*65*51 mm

Beam Angle : 120°

IP Level : IP65

Warranty : 5Years


1. Ingenious housing design that is compact, strong, good looking, light efficient and price competitive.

2. Genuine IP65 Weatherproof Fixture. Automatic Electric-Field Induced Hot-melt welding machine was used to seal the endcap to stop water intrusion. Widely used to WET AREAS, such as wet warehouse, parking lot, lab, water park, carwash, swimming center etc..

3. Tool-less fast installation & connection. Designed to have openable end-caps and quick electrical connectors. Saving the installer a lot of time and improving installation efficiency greatly.

4. Up to 130lm/w optional, interconnectable thru wiring, multi-lumen, multi-CCT are ready for selections.

5. Real Flicker-free, Preventing Eye discomfort and fatigue. The driver is able to withstand the sudden 65V voltage drop test, and still No flicker.

6. With a complete range of types and a wide range of applications, one-stop procurement can meet the needs of different customers and different applications.